Working with Football Clubs and other professional sport organisations…

In many professional clubs and organisations there can be an on-going problem where the often under resourced and over stretched commercial department is so busy looking after day to day commercial activities that it struggles when it comes to accessing larger companies for higher profile partnerships and sponsorship opportunities, especially those that only arise every few years.

It is never easy to get a less high profile Club in front of the right brands and effectively present the benefits of sponsorship and commercial partnerships in a way that marketing directors and managing directors acknowledge as being beneficial to their business.

This is where Over-the-line delivers. Through extensive experience of working with high profile sponsorships and blue chip contacts OTL are able to get your Club or event in front of higher profile brands and help them to recognise the long-term benefits of an association with you Club or event.

Whether it is for commercial, media, geographical or emotional reasons brands align themselves with particular clubs or events for different reasons it understands those motivations that secure the more lucrative sponsorships and advertising deals.

Commercial support for Sports Organisations
Whether a professional sports body, rights holder or brand negotiating your way through a sponsorship, endorsement of technical supply deal can be minefield…find out how we help you navigate your way to the right result here

Brand activation and experiential marketing
For brands to lever as much from their sponsorship activity as possible the opportunity for brand activation or experiential marketing is a great way to interact with the public and benefit from the emotion and positivity that a sporting or music event can generate. OTL are able to devise a programme of brand activation to enhance your event sponsorship.

Innovative Sports Media
Over-the-line works with a range of sports to provide brands with high impact TV facing LED perimeter advertising that places their brand at the very centre of the sporting action…see how we do it here

Outdoor Media
High footfall and high impact! Over-the-line has been appointed to provide brands with a standalone three-dimensional branding opportunity in high footfall areas in public locations across the UK… read more about it here

Design and print management
Whatever sponsorship or advertising deal has been agreed, big or small it always comes down to effective artwork and print management to make the whole thing work…see some of our work here