Over-the-line works with a range of sports to provide brands with high impact TV facing LED perimeter advertising that places them at the very centre of the sporting action. Cost-effective, impactful and simple to manage LED perimeter advertising is a great way to get your brand seen by millions both nationally and internationally.

Adnet – Innovation in Football advertising

Over-the-line Brand Solutions has been appointed to represent Adnet in the UK and drive its adoption by football governing bodies and their respective clubs.

adnet goal football imageAdnet is an innovative new media tool that allows club and league sponsors the opportunity to place their brand directly in what is unquestionably the most visible, emotive and watched location on the pitch – The Goal.

This revolutionary new product delivers mass media exposure and creates an additional channel for revenue generation from rights holders and the individual club partners.

Deemed as one of their best sponsorship tools Adnet has been used very successfully in La Liga to promote Galp and BBVA. Having been in place for a number of seasons it is regarded as one of their best assets due to its high visibility, integration and ability to capitalise on highlight coverage.

To see Adnet and Goalside in action go to http://youtu.be/gczWB9tZFCA