over-the-line-outddoor-media Outdoor Media…

Over the past ten years outdoor media has grown massively. With an increasing number of outdoor media sites available, coupled with the advances in technology  outdoor media has become a  integral part of  effective media planning . Located  in high traffic and/or  footfall  areas these high impact media sites are viewed by an elusive demographic that is often difficult to reach via other media. Whether it’s  in transports hubs, shopping centres or along the side of main traffic routes Over-the-line can provide a programme of outdoor media that will deliver your target market in volume.

over-the-line-caramel-selectaSelecta UK- The UK’s largest supplier of vending machines.

Working on behalf of Selecta UK, the nation’s largest provider of vending machines, Over-the-line has been appointed to provide brands with a standalone three-dimensional branding opportunity to expand their outdoor media presence in high footfall areas in public locations across the UK. With over 14,000 machines across the UK with a combined annual footfall of 600 million a campaign of fully wrapped vending machines will both raise brand awareness and drive sales at point of purchase across the UK.

Music Festival large LED screen outdoor media advertising

Working with some of the highest profile music and media events in the UK Over-the-line are able to provide your brand with a great way of reaching the young and affluent audience that these events attract. With large outdoor media LED jumbotrons either side of the main stage your brand can be very much part of the event and its upbeat vibe.